Tuesday, September 1, 2009

in our house...

We've always been very good at the dinner time ritual.
Six o'clock. Three around the table. One dog under.
Eating and talking.

Bless my dear husband and his impeccable skill, creativity and passion in the kitchen.
Unfortunately he arrives home from work mere seconds before we sit down to eat.
So the cooking on weekdays rests with me.

We are essentially weekday vegetarians.
The Little One eats what we eat. For the most part she is a very good eater.
But hot curries and the like are out.
Choices are limited.

My interest in preparing the evening meal is generally nil.
A five thirty vacant stare at the pantry and fridge,
resulting in some average concoction of this and that.
... or a last minute mad dash to the supermarket.

Enter meal planning.

I’m learning to embrace the meal preparation time.
Be creative. Get organised.
Dust off the cookbooks.
Write lists. Try new things.

It must come with my new professional official title.
Stay At Home Mum.
Part of the job description.
Part of the territory.

Who would have thought cooking could be so enjoyable!


  1. urg - I'm the meal preparer here too and I share your (lack of) enthusiasm. Would be nice to have the time to organise it properly - one of the perks of your new career :)

  2. i think i need some meal planning in my life ; )

  3. I enjoyed this post. It resonates with me. I've been a stay at home mum (this time around) for about 6 months and I regularly re-inspire myself in the meal prep arena. I go in phases of enjoying it, and then not. Like in any job really!

  4. Extra bonus of meal planning and list writing is less $. And you don't end up with 8 tins of chick peas in the pantry.

  5. I am a HUGE fan of meal planning. Saves me a lot of thinking time, money and real time - running to and from the shops with the smalls. I am a HUGE fan. Go forth and plan!

  6. I too am a meal planner and a stay at home mum! Must go with the territory...

    I begrudgingly wrote my first meal plan and since then I actually look forward to it! Since I started writing meal plans we save about $90 a week on what we used to spend, even though we have a baby now (and all the extras we buy for him.) We also started doing our fruit, veggie and meat shopping at the farmers markets together on a Sunday. It is also cheaper and a lot nicer than getting the fruit etc at the chain stores, plus it is a little family outing.

    I hope you keep enjoing cooking. My favourite meals at the moment are Singapore noodles and baked potatos with smoked salmon and cheese.... yum! :)


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