Friday, August 7, 2009

i like white

This is the only part of my bathroom I like. The windows.

We have a lot of peach going on. With grey highlights . . . and floral feature tiles.

Now that we have such a lovely, dreamy, sanctuary of a bathroom down at
The Shack, I just can't bear my everyday bathroom any more.

So this weekend I'm taking to it with some tile paint. Inspired and encouraged by this post over

Now that I've committed my plans to the cyberworld, it must be done.

So I'll report back at the end of the weekend. I'll show you a bathroom completely as pretty as the picture above. Promise.


  1. I like that photo - the light coming through that glass is lovely and soft.
    Have fun with the painting:)

  2. I love this! And white in general. I've really learned to become content with my white walls...and contentment has turned into love!

  3. beautiful photo - it sounds like your bathroom has good bones to work with.

    Good luck with it all - life's too short to have a crappy bathroom...


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