Sunday, August 16, 2009

eye spy : something red

These beauties came from the kitchen of a very special lady.
My husband's grandmother.

A nesting set of enamel bowls.

They lived in The Little One's cubby house for a while.
We like improvised toys.
Stacking. Filling. Pouring. Stirring.
They provided hours of entertainment.

...until I decided they deserved to be proudly displayed in my kitchen, and snuck them inside.

Now they hide all manner of junk.
Matches. Oven mitts. Pens. Candles.
It's like the third drawer down, above the stove.

They're bright. They're cheery. They're practical. What's not to love?

See more red right here.


  1. Gorgeous bowls, I would have snuck them back in and then some!

  2. Oh they make me very happy. I love that they're filled with junk!

  3. I'm rather envious, they're gorgeous!

  4. I LOVE those bowls! I would have snuck them back in too.

  5. Definitely gorgeous - I would have been stealing them back too!

  6. What beautiful bowls!! Definitely kitchen-worthy.


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