Monday, July 20, 2009

nothin' but a pound dog

You haven't met the hound yet, have you?

We picked him up at the RSPCA about four years ago. Pure street pedigree. A bitzer through and through.

He'd been living in his little cage for 6 long months. Passed up by so many people. They don't know what a treasure they missed out on.

My husband picked him out. He's got an eye for such things. The staff were so overjoyed that he finally had a home. One of the vets cried when we took him away.

The rest is history. He's been a happy part of our home ever since.

I must confess, he looks like a bit of a bruiser. People cross the street when they see us coming. But you've never meet such a gentle soul. A lamb in wolfs clothing. Our friends call him "stoner" which is very telling of his demeanour. He is so wonderful with The Little One. She loves him to bits too.

. . . and my sew-a-thon continues. He loves his new bed!


  1. What a lucky pup to have such a nice new bed, and a loving family. My kids would love a dog. One day.

  2. lucky puppy. my wee one loves our dog's smelly old bed so much she's always trying to climb in, so good luck!!

  3. So sweet. Our cat Daisy is from the RSPCA and like your dog, had been there for a long time. She was happy to move out and in with us! She is lovely - a bit mad - but still lovely.


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